Rizal’s Baptismal Record

Today, Filipinos are commemorating Dr. Jose P. Rizal’s 119 death anniversary. A doctor, a novelist, a poet, a painter, a sculptor, a teacher. Rizal was a Renaissance man, a great Filipino hero.

On 28 September 1862, the parochial church of Calamba and the canonical books, including the book containing Rizal’s baptismal records, were burned. Here is a transcript of Rizal’s baptismal certificate issued by Father Leoncio Lopez originally written in Spanish.

“I, the parish priest of the town of Calamba, whose signature appears below, certify that as a result of inquiries, which with the proper authorization were made for the restoration of the canonical books (that were burned) on the 28th of September 1862 and are found in the file of baptisms, book n 1, page 49, it emerges according to the declaration of competent and sworn witnesses that Jose Rizal Mercado is legitimate son from the legitimate matrimony of Don Francisco Rizal Mercado and Dna Teodora Realonda (that) he was baptized in this parish on the 22nd of June 1861 by the parish priest Reverend Father Rufino Collantes, and his godfather was the Reverend Father Pedro Casanas. And I sign this as true. -Leoncio Lopez.”

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Jose Rizal’s Pedigree

On this day, 154 years ago, José Protasio Mercado Rizal y Alonzo Realonda was born in Calamba, Laguna. He comes from a prestigious family of Chinese, Malay, Japanese, and Spanish descent. This is a representation of his family tree which I made in 2008.

Rizal AncestryUsing Geni.com, one could see his/her relationship with some famous people like Rizal. Just for fun, I checked whether I was genealogically connected with our national hero. Here is what came up:

Dr. Jose Rizal is Felvir Ordinario’s wife’s first cousin thrice removed’s wife’s second great nephew’s wife’s great uncle!

Felvir Ordinario
You → Sariah Ordinario
your wife → Jovencio Araneta Guanzon
her father → Andres Guanzon
his father → Domingo Guanzon
his father → Jose Guanzon
his father → Paulino Guanzon
his brother → Agapito Guanzon
his son → Juana Tuason Rodriguez
his wife → Matea Tuason Rodriguez
her sister → Florencia Rodriguez Sioco
her daughter → Javier “Javing” Sioco Gonzalez
her son → Vladimir Mercado Gonzalez
his son → Cruz
his wife → Mauricio Rizal Cruz
her father → Maria Alonso Cruz
his mother → Dr. Jose Rizal
her brother

Check if you’re a cousin of his too!